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GaugeCool Solution highly recommends that a preventive maintenance program be established for your HVAC equipment. Air Conditioning and Heating equipment is a major investment and we specialize in making sure that it is properly maintained.

Early detection and repair of minor problems can eliminate untimely breakdowns and keep your equipment running in top efficiency, consuming less energy and ultimately prolonging the life of your system.

Cool Solution Technician
Maintenance Items Performed
Replace air filters
Lubricate motors and shaft bearings
Check and adjust belts and pulleys
Check line voltage electrical
Check freon and cooling operation
Check AMP draws
Inspect relays and contactors
Check safety controls and switches
Check burners and wiring
Inspect for rust and wear
Check condensate drain and coil
Check for gas leaks

As a Cool Solution Maintenance Customer, you will have peace of mind knowing that your filter is being changed regularly and should you need a service call, you will receive top priority all year round. 

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